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Go Die.
words thrown around my head
digging passages through time
over and over, repeating, screaming
drilled into my mind
breaking up my soul
since infancy taught lies
hanging black veils clouding reality
judgment impaired
unknown truths
being force fed shit
full of maggots and worms
they squirm through my body
eating me inside out
while writhing in pain
running from the angels with pointed teeth
shaking my head, nails ripping my flesh
stumbling, tripping, flying, falling
a mouthful of dirt, teeth hitting gravel
crimson flowing, splattering red mud
smelling the metal
heartbeats pound, ringing in my ears
i lay there with my mascara streaked face
my blood clotted hair
i spit out the bile
breathe deep
let the putrid stench fill my nose
laying there shaking
sprawled and messy, palm to nail
i want to scream
my throat keeps swallowing the words
i don't deserve this
go fucking die
enjoy hell you sick bastards
you've killed an innocent soul
shattered a young girl's dreams
etched words into her brain
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What is a dream girl?

She's someone you make up.  An image in your head.  She's a figment drawn on the parchment of your mind.  She's someone you don't really believe in.

Until one day you look, and it's her.

It's your art.  The piece you spent hours on.  She's there.

But she's still 2D.

Sure, you see the eyes, the hair, the lips, the smile, the body...but there's no character to it.  

And then she moves.  The muscles under her flesh ripple with identity.  Lips say words heard only in dreams.  Eyes pour out words unspoken by the lips.  

And she comes to life.

Your girl.  Your dream girl.  Right there.

What do you do, when your dream girl's dream you?


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